Keeping Auto Insurance Rates Low

lower auto insuranceThere are a number of ways that a person can maintain a low rate of Winston-Salem auto insurance. The most significant thing a person can do is to avoid accidents. Of course, there are accidents that occur as a result of other drivers’ actions, but drivers can also do things to avoid unnecessary accidents. Here are a few examples of ways people can avoid auto accidents and keep their auto insurance rates low.

A person who texts while driving is increasing his or her chances of getting into an accident. A person may grab his or her phone to type in a quick text and in that small amount of time, the person could back end another car or miss seeing a stop sign. It’s even wise to avoid texting while sitting at a stop light. If someone texts while sitting at a stop light, he or she can miss seeing the light change and cause a problem with other drivers. Or, the person may be texting and think that the light has changed only to run into the person in front of him or her. Texting at anytime in the car is a risky proposition.

Sometimes an extra moment or two can help a person to avoid an accident. For instance, a person sitting at a stop light at an intersection may want to pause one or two seconds before moving after the light has changed to green. In some cases, this can help the person avoid hitting a car that is racing through an opposite yellow light that has just turned to red. Waiting one or two extra seconds doesn’t do much to disrupt a person’s daily schedule. Those one or two seconds could save the person from being hurt by another driver’s dangerous practices.

Finally, people who live in an area where there is a lot of snow and ice are wise to leave at least one car’s length between themselves and the car directly ahead of them. Oftentimes, this one car’s length is enough space to slow down or move to a different position if the car in front starts to slide. In short, a driver who follows this safety rule is allowing him or herself the time to take action to avoid being involved in an accident. A person who tailgates while driving on icy roads is increasing his or her chances of being involved in or causing an auto accident.

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