Setting Financial Goals and Developing Multiple Income Streams

financial goalsSetting goals in every area of our life is necessary for three reasons:

• It restores a sense of focus in our lives where there are many distractions and conflicting demands. These distractions can make us lose focus in life. It provides us with a framework for smarter choices. If you know exactly where you are going, it becomes far easier to select those activities that will get you to your destination.

• It keeps us alert to opportunities. Knowing what your goal is, you will be able to see early, an opportunity that you can take advantage of in order to achieve your goal. A clearly defined goal commits you to a course of action. Therefore setting your financial goals is a secret to wealth creation and achieving financial freedom. It could be monthly, yearly, bi-annual etc.

Let’s assume that you set out to make $1,000,000 this year. Fine…………..the next thing is to plan how to achieve that goal. This plan could include generating the income from many sources. These sources may include one or a combination of all these:

• Stream 1 – Income from work place, allowances. Etc
• Stream 2 – Income from private practice. That is outside your official work and it requires your presence.
• Stream 3 – Investments in stocks, real estate, deposits, commerce etc.
• Stream 4 – Others not included in 1-3.

Develop The Habit of Savings :

Many of us have different reasons for not saving. Some of these reasons are:

• The money I make is never enough.
• There’s just no way to reduce my expenditures.
• Maybe when I get promoted.
• After paying my debt.

To save is to resist the temptation to spend money. It starts with the determination to save. If you don’t determine to save and make it also a habit, then you will always have an excuse not to save.

The reason is that our desires are insatiable. So if you don’t control your desires, you will always be in debt. Even when all the reasons given above have somehow been met, the money will never be enough, if you don’t have the determination to save nor to control your wants. In savings, I adopt the principle of “The Richest Man in Babylon” Get the book and read it. In a nut shell, he said that “double taxation” is a key element in establishing financial freedom.

This double taxation involves giving a 10 % of you income to God first and keeping a second 10% for yourself. The remaining 80% is for you to cater for your essential needs and expenses.

The 10% for God is in obedience to His word in Mal 3:10 which gets God committed and bound to honour in your favour. He promised to block all avenues of financial waste. These wastes could be from sickness, bad investment, theft and loss. This 10% is to be given to your local church or in support of missionary works and charity.

Even if you are not religious, try this secret. It works. Sometimes, we feel that the 10% could go a long way in paying for one bill or the other. But let me ask, what if you hadn’t gotten the money, wouldn’t you have still paid the bills anyway?

Having 80% for personal need in my opinion is enough if we set our priorities right. I have tried God in this particular secret and I must confess it has been good for me. God can’t lie whether we believe it or not. He is committed to His promises.

So much has been written on savings and I advice you get some good investment manuals to learn more. The bottom line is SAVE for the future and the unforeseen now.

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