What Does It Take To Wealth Creation?

wealth creation

It only requires a conscious and committed effort on your path to make a change. That is the only assurance for a success. The choice is yours. Success and failure in life generally are about taking chances and not taking chances. One man is a success because when the chance came, he was ready, able and capable of meeting it headlong.

Another is a failure because when the chance came his way, he was found unwilling and incapable of taking it. That is life. So, in addition to the secrets to wealth creation, you will also understand that your desire for wealth must have a purpose for it to last. What do you intend to do with the wealth you desire after you have acquired it? Albert Schweitzer said,” There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.”

About Me

Warmest greetings to you……..
My name is John McKay, the author of this article you are now reading. I was born forty years ago. I have always desired the good things of life like most people and have also dreamt of living a wealthy and fulfilled life.

But somehow, I found myself living an average life and just struggling to survive through the years. This struggle continued until 4 years ago when I decided that I have had enough of this rat race or what my friend calls “small box mentality”. This decision to change my quality of life was as a result of what Bishop David Oyedepo said during a church service. He said,” Life delivers to you only what you are willing to accept.”

My eyes were opened to the secrets of creating wealth and sustaining it. I discovered that God had deposited in me the ability to create wealth. I made up my mind to be all that I have ever dreamt of.

I read motivational books, books on investments and financial management and related them to the words of God. I saw that the principle of wealth creation and wealth multiplication are basic and in the Bible. We only need to apply them. Subsequently, I applied the “double taxation” and other principles I learnt. Now, I earn a six digit income in addition to having multiple streams of income; one of which is selling on ebay. I have a wonderful wife and 2 beautiful children all living in Ireland.

Ireland is a very peaceful and beautiful country. I love making money, inspiring and watching people, polo, golf and praising God. You see, “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” You need to understand that when God dominates your finance, you are bound to command financial dominion. Align yourself to the truth in Mal 3:1-end and experience the validity of God’s promises.

The validity of these promises however lies in you fulfilling your part of the conditions. These, I have done and I urge you to try them too. One thing for sure – no one else is going to do it for you. If you choose to sit down, fold your hands and do nothing for one reason or the other, no amount of wishful thinking or dreaming will help you.

Remember that, “ When one door of happiness, success or opportunity closes, another is open, but often enough we keep on starring at the closed door that we do not see the one that is open.”

It is not about physical strength. It is all about you knowing and applying the right principles. It takes wisdom to make the right decision.

Get wise now.

How To Erase Debt

eraseBecoming financially prepared for the future involves getting rid of debt. Many consumers wonder how much debt should be kept – and the answer is that if your debt is under thirty percent of your credit limits, than you are probably okay. Any number higher than thirty percent can seem to loom over your finances making every payment seem like a payment to the dark side.

To boost the health of your finances it is important to erase the debt that could so easily take over your finances. Here are some tips that you can use to erase the debt that you have accumulated.

Pay more than the minimum payment. Paying more than the minimum payment guarantees that a high amount of the payment will actually reach the principal of the credit card, as a significant portion of the minimum monthly payment is designed to cover the interest payments that have accumulated from the balance.

Create a budget that includes fifteen percent of the income for debt repayment. If fifteen percent of the income is allocated towards debt repayment, the consumer can easily repay their debt creating a repayment plan to get out of debt quicker than ever. It is important to realize that small sacrifices can be used to create changes within the budget that allow the fifteen percent for debt repayment to become easily attainable.

To avoid debt in the future use these tips:

Avoid using the credit card unless you can afford to repay what has been purchased within the same billing period. This can help to avoid interest fees, as purchases that are repaid within the grace period do not accrue interest. The grace period ranges from twenty to twenty eight days, depending on the credit card company that you deal with.

Don’t use buy now pay later plans. Many times, consumers will take advantage of these plans to save money in the present, but think about the money that will have to be repaid later! It is easy to forget that these payments are going to become due; therefore there are very few consumers that save for the funding of the purchase.

Live within your means. More than eighty percent of consumers are spending outside of their means and living above their income. This means that debt is used every single month to cover the shortfalls that exist within the income. The only way to truly avoid debt is to live within your means and if you cannot, than it is important to find alternate sources of income or lower the expenses within the household.

Establish a savings account. A savings account is often used as an alternative to debt and credit cards. A savings account is an essential way to prepare for the future and have this alternative to charging items or expenses that are required in the state of an emergency.

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