How To Save Money When Buying Meat

meatUnless you are a vegetarian, the single largest expense in your food budget is usually poultry and meat. One of every 3 dollars you spend usually goes to buying ground beef, steaks, pork, chicken, and other meaty delights. You are likely to spend over $3000 each year in this area; however you don’t have to become an unwilling vegetarian to streamline your monthly budget.

You may beef up your savings to approximately $750 each year just by following these frugal living tips for bipedal carnivores.

Don’t ignore the fact that just like vegetables, meat prices will fluctuate by the season. During the grilling season and summer picnic, steaks and ground beef are usually higher; while winter’s favorite, like roast cuts will down in price. If you have big freezer, you may save as much as twenty percent on meat products by buying in bulk while the price is still low.

For example, stockpile ground beef and steaks in May before the peak grilling season hit. In August, buy winter meats in bulk, such as steaks pork chops, and roasts. If you don’t have enough storage room for perishable products, save your money by going against the trend and cooking and buying off-season cuts.

One good way to save money on meat is to buy bigger cuts and do your own slicing. For instance, if you buy a big piece of meat, say a quarter or a side instead of smaller cuts, you may save about thirty percent per pound. At kitchen, simply cut the big chunk as steaks, mince it or whatever, and you can freeze them in small-sized packages.

You can also use this method for poultry. Get whole chickens and then cut them up at home. You may pay up to $6 a pound for skinless and boneless breasts, but you may only need to pay $2 a pound for whole chicken.

Choose family-pack sizes, bigger quantities mean better savings. Again, freeze immediately what you don’t need now. Some people even go to cattle auctions where they can buy a full side of beef for 25 percent of what grocery stores usually charge. You may ask an outside company to freeze it and store the meat for months. If you live near or in a cattle country, this is surely the cheapest route of all.

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