Three Things You Need to Launch a Tax Preparation Business

When you finish your accounting degree and enter the workforce, you might find that you like the idea of working for yourself rather than working for an employer. Tax preparation specialists work with both individuals and business owners to get the biggest refunds and avoid paying the IRS money. Before starting your business, make sure you know the three biggest items that you need.

Accounting Software

Accountants today depend on more than just some strong math skills and a calculator. Unless you have encyclopedic knowledge of all the tax laws in your state and national laws, you need software. Accounting software lets you enter figures relating to your client’s case and get instant updates on the tax return you prepare. Some software even keeps track of deductions that your clients can make and the documents you need to complete.

Business Cards

The busy tax season starts around the end of January and runs through April, and you need to grab the attention of potential clients before the tax season starts. If you wait a few weeks to open, you might lose business to some of the franchise accounting shops. Business cards let you pass out your cards to potential clients every day of the year.


Using a tablet lets you keep track of financial records and work with clients outside of your office. You can even set up a stand in your area and file tax returns on the spot. Shopping for the items you need for your new company is easy when you choose No Limit Tax Refunds. The company offers packages that include business cards, a tablet, accounting software, marketing materials and much more.

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