Are You Wealthy and What Job Can Make You Wealthy?

rich manBefore you answer that, let me remind you that wealth is the number of days you can survive (your family inclusive) without working and still maintain your standard of living. It is measured in days and not in numbers. That is, how long and not how much. It is a condition not only of abundance but of selflessness, compassion and love.

Now, looking at wealth in this context, how many of us reading this article, believe they are wealthy? 10, 17 or 1,000. Well if you are, then congratulations. Otherwise, you still have an opportunity to learn how to become one. I believe that most of us are engaged in one form of work or the other. Be it a paid job or personal business. At least we are engaged in some productive ventures in order to provide food for our families’ need.

But Can This Job Make Us Wealthy?

I don’t think so. It could give us a measure of comfort but not wealth as described earlier. Most of us are working for money when we are employed. This is to assure there would be pension for us when we retire. But working for money can not make anyone wealthy. It is economic slavery. You might get fired one day when your productivity drops and lose your income source. That can’t make you wealthy. You become wealthy only when your money works for you.

Your money works for you when it is put into ventures that require little or no input on your part, except your initial investment and re-investment. These ventures could be in real estate, savings deposit or shares/stocks.

No paid job will ever make anyone wealthy. I have since realised this. Robert Kiyosaki said, “We all learn to work formoney, but it is the few who learn how to make money work for them that achieve financial freedom.”

3 Avenues Where Money Works For You Are When You:
• Invest in Equity/Shares.
• Invest in Real Estate.
• Operate a Savings/Deposit accounts.

I know you must have heard of these avenues before, but have you really given them more than a passing thought? You need to because, the moment I did, I observed a change in my life and income.

I am an advocate of the first two. Hey! I’m not saying that the third is not ok. On the contrary, the three are ok but the first two have more advantages than the third. But this is not the focus of this article…… only complements it. Now the crux of this article is discovering the Secrets to Wealth Creation and Making It Last.

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