Top 8 Online Slot Variations You can Find at 918Kiss

918kiss is Asia’s number one place when it comes to playing online slots. Here at 918kiss, we offer a large variety of online games exclusive for all of our members to choose from. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices here, you can refer to our list of top 8 online slot variations you can find at 918kiss.

1. Fixed jackpots

In contrast to progressive jackpots, the sum that may be won as a jackpot in these games is a fixed amount. Obtaining this reward requires meeting specific requirements, including obtaining a winning combination of the most valued symbols and successfully finishing the bonus round.

2. Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are often the largest payouts offered on the games that provide them, and they are the most popular among players. This is a progressive jackpot that rises in size with each game played, until a player claims the whole prize pool and the jackpot value is reset to zero.

3. Retro slots

These retro themed games may be played with only three reels, or they can be played with standard slot symbols like fruits and bells. 777 Deluxe is an excellent example of this style of game.

4. Megaways Reels 

The number of reels and columns on video slots have typically been set at 5 or 6, but these games offer a fluid structure where the number of reels and columns changes with each play. Winning probabilities will fluctuate when it comes to this slots, making it a highly unpredictable slot game to play.

5. Themed slots

Vast majority of current online slots are based on themes that have been specifically designed to appeal to a wide range of gamers. One popular theme that slot games like to follow is the egyptian history and culture, Cleopatra is a well known example for this theme.

6. Bonus slots

918Kiss bonus games are a great way to make slots more diverse and exciting to play, so it should come as no surprise that so many of them now have this element included in their design. Bonuses contribute significantly to the playability and diversity of any slot, making them well worth seeking out.

7. Bonus wheels

A classic wheel of fortune style mini-game has been included into the slot reel to spice up the gameplay. It is customary for this wheel to be opened after you have completed an activity such as receiving a bonus symbol or winning money. When you spin the wheel, you will win the reward that is displayed on the part where the wheel comes to a halt.

8. Free spins

Obtaining three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will initiate free spins. If you are eligible, you will be granted a predetermined number of free spins, which may include additional bonuses such as a win multiplier or more wild symbols, as well as an expanded version of the paytable.