The Ultimate Online Slots Mythbusting (918kiss)

Is it true that playing slots that haven’t paid out in a long time might pay off in the long run if you keep at it?

Q: Any casino patron who has spent time there has probably witnessed unfortunate gamers pour large sums of money into a single slot machine only to walk away empty-handed after a short time. The logic behind this is that playing on the same machine immediately thereafter can be a successful strategy since the machine is now ‘due’ a large payment and hence can be profitable.


A; This might be a pleasant way of thinking about some things. It’s possible that it comes from watching coin pusher games, in which you can practically see the money sliding closer and closer to the brink. With each extra coin inserted into the machine, the chances of receiving a reward would actually improve somewhat. When playing for a progressive jackpot, the sensation of being on the verge of a big win can be amplified even more. Unfortunately, the reality is that slot machines employ the same RNGs as video games. This simply implies that the probabilities of receiving a payout on the following spin are absolutely unaffected by what has occurred earlier.


Slot machines are more likely to pay out at particular times of the day, don’t you think?

Q: It’s reasonable that some casino players get the impression that slot machines pay out more jackpots at night than during the day. After all, as the night goes, you’re more likely to witness others winning large sums of money.


A: In this scenario, the fact is that there is simply a perceived increase in large payouts later in the day since real money casinos will typically get busy in the evening hours, as opposed to the morning. Here, we come back to the same RNG argument again. it is impossible to forecast when or on what day the next significant jackpot will be won. Online slots are played all over the world, in all time zones, so the action is never interrupted and the jackpot may be won at any time of day or night.


Are there good slot game players and bad slot game players?

Q: If online casino games usually require skill to play, say, poker for example. We know there are good poker players and of course, there are awful ones as well. Why can’t this concept be applied to slot games too; in which, we can see good slot game players turn over a regular profit?


A: It is true that poker players can be differentiated from good to bad, it is indeed a game that requires skill. However, unlike other online casino games that require skill, slot games are games that rely on absolute chance. In other words, it is purely lady luck pulling the lever with you. However, there are benefits that can be gained from this game as well, and it is that it is absolutely relaxing and effortless to play.