XE88 Review

XE88 Review

XE88 Review

It is a top online casino platform that is commonly played in Singapore and Malaysia. The platform features a variety of games and entertainment activities. It offers more than 100 games with a set of themes to choose from. Among the popular themes they feature include Halloween, fantasy games and series from the animal kingdom.

XE88 can be accessed on a variety of devices, including the desktop and mobile sets. The mobile apps are the most popular since they are convenient compared to the desktop platform. Among the games you can choose include classic games, fish games, table games and many more.



  •        The games can be accessed via desktop PC or devices with iOS emulators.
  •   Works on both iOS and Android
  •    Compatible with Laptops, desktop and mobile phones   
  • The platform offers over 100 slots with many themes. Some of them include Ancient Forest, Oh my hero Cocktail party, Sun Wu Kong, Fortune Panda Football carnival Gold Rush, Top Gun and Lupin.
  •    XE88 Android uses Playtech software system – which is a reputable provider with a good check out system.


Video slots

XE88 casinos offer a variety of slot games with a handful of paylines that allow players to make real cash if luck is on their side and they have the required skills. Although its slot games do not offer bonuses like free spins, you will get plenty of jackpots that will allow you to become a VIP member and earn Jackpots.  Also, the jackpots are progressive meaning that all their casino games are connected.

The XE88 features a convenient way of navigating through some of the games. Among the top-rated games are Golden Lotus, Great China, Circus, Thunderbolt, Gods of Wealth, JinPing Mai II and many others.


Winning a game

If you want to win a game at XE88, you must understand their style of play. Each player will have a combination of styles. The players are free to combine all the styles or pick the one that they understand well. The most common one is where a player bets above average. They will then need to maintain the bet until they lose or win. The other option the player has is to use the SMALL FRY tactic. It allows the player to play safe by betting low. In addition, it helps them to maintain the safe ratio of the money they receive and what they outlay.


  • The platform is simple and easy to use. It features straight forward games with simple rules that can be followed by everyone
  • It offers a variety of slot games that gives players a chance to play and enjoy their favourite game online.
  • Ultra-low wagering


  •    The desktop app is clunky due to flaws in the design.
  •    You cannot play live casinos.
  •    You need an emulator to play the desktop version.



If a player understands the meaning of the character and symbols used in the game, they stand a better chance of winning the game. So any player with an Asian background will have the upper hand.  Thus, if you are a new player, you must spend some time to master the symbols. 


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